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As a result of the compassionate care we deliver, we develop lasting relationships with our patients. Many times we hear from our patients about how the doctors and staff at Kennedy-White Orthopaedic Center have helped them. For those of you we hear from, we thank you for passing along your kind words. Here are some of our favorites:

Best Dr. Ever! Dr. Shapiro, I had suffered for nearly 9 months with my right arm. I was experiencing excruciating pain and could barely move it. I lost 6 months of work, After seeing three other doctors and going to unneeded physicial therapy I visited your office. You gave me a shot of cortisone in my bicep tendon that day. two days I was able to move my arm without pain and return to work. I wanted to say thank you in a special way. You saved me.

Dr. Stolarski replaced both of my knees on the same day. I returned to an active lifestyle in only 2 months. I am able to enjoy snow skiing, SCUBA diving, bicycling and walking. It has been a lifestyle saving experience. Thank you Dr. Stolarski and staff. I have recommended other people who have had their lives restored by Dr. Stolarski.

Dear Dr. Klein,

Congratulations for hitting a grand slam homer at my last visit. Though I had significant reservations about having the reverse total shoulder replacement surgery. The pain was sever and unrelenting for 10+ weeks.

The injection of kenalog and lido had worked beautifully (#2) and I am currently 95% back to baseline. Which was almost no pain. I am so very pleased.


LD Danl

Dr. Feiertag,

Thank you for taking care of me during my recent surgery. Before I could walk 25-30 yards at most without stopping & siting. Yesterday, for the fourth time I walked at least a mile without stopping!

Thank you


Dr. Klein,

This is me flying away, giving you thanks and praying for you, for what you have done for me, giving me a new hand.

Can't ask for anything more. Today one year (8/31/14).

Sarasota, FL

Dear Dr. O'Neill,

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your advice regarding my plantar fasciitis in both feet.

I was troubled with it for years and spent a lot of money on podiatrists and special expensive inserts to no avail.

Your simple advice on the exercise hanging over a step 4 or 5 times a day as well as better fitting shoes and inexpensive inserts from New Balance has changed my life!

I am enjoying walking and my new hip feels better and better the more I walk.

Thank you so much.

Jean-Pierre K.

Dear Dr. Klein,

I just wanted to thank you for helping my son. His hand is healing well and he is so happy. I cannot get over the difference it has made in his life. Also I would like to thank your nurse for taking a personal interest in him and making him feel so comfortable.

Thank you

Dear Dr. Rush,

Thank you for fixing my broken arm. It feels better.

Dear Sir,

Just a short thank you for Dr. David Klein for his dedication and excellent care in addressing my shoulder injury. As a result of the efforts of Dr. Klein and the special attention that I received from Laurie Frailing my shoulder feels great and as a result my quality of health has greatly increased. I will certainly recommend your group of dedicated medical professionals to others.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for such a positive and ultimately pain free experience. Being an athlete, I was especially concerned with the eventual condition of my knee, after tearing my medial meniscus. Dr. Shapiro did such a superb job at arthroscopic surgery, I've not been able to stop talking about it. I was off my crutches within a couple days, with minimal pain, and the rehab period was class book text.

I know that indeed Dr. Shapiro performed the excellent work that he did, because I had a different tear on my other knee earlier in the decade -but, and this is a big but, BUT - had another surgeon perform the surgery. The earlier surgery was wrought with pain and stress, and it was weeks before I was able to shed my crutches. Painful and disappointing. For obvious reasons, I’ll refrain from mentioning his name, but let it suffice to say, all doctors are not alike. And I'm grateful for the good fortune of finding and selecting the right one.

You were so wonderful and had such a calming effect. Thank you. Cathy and Barbara, what can I say? You assuaged any fears or concerns with being patronizing, and had the greatest smile and sense of humor; making it a delight to both come to an appointment and be discharged. You are both, at once, effective and refreshing.

It was important for me to convey my sentiments about my experience because you all are exceptional at what you do.

Dr. Stolarski & Staff,

I am very grateful for the outstanding job you have done in replacing both knee implants. Your skills and professionalism is gratefully appreciated.

Thank you

Dear Dr. Feiertag,

I just wanted to say thanks!! After months of discomfort, its great to be on the road to recovery. You, Valerie and your staff are extremely busy, but always take the time to accommodate my needs, questions and concerns. The talent and pride you have for your practice is evident.

I’m sure you don't hear this as much as you should.

Thank you, Thank you & Thank you

Dr. Klein,

My husband and I are so grateful to you. You said ‘I'll do my best’ and you did.

I thought when you showed me my X-ray, that I would have a disfigured arm with an inability to use it well. You did such beautiful work and I thank you so much.

P.S. If I should come across anybody with a badly broken elbow I will certainly recommend you.

Dr. Feiertag,

Thank you for taking care of me during my recent surgery. Before, I could walk 25-35 yards at most with having to stop and sit. Yesterday, for the fourth time I walked at least a mile without having to stop! Thank you!