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Shoulder & Elbow

In Sarasota, Florida, Kennedy-White Orthopaedic Center has the very best technology and doctors available to diagnose and treat your shoulder or elbow condition. Our surgeons go through extensive training to develop and refine the skills needed to perform shoulder surgery and elbow surgery for patients who need to recover quickly from sports and/or work-related injuries.


Shoulder injuries tend to happen during sports like football, baseball, or tennis, or from carrying heavy weight or doing repetitive overhead lifting at work or around the house. If you have pain over the outside of the shoulder or upper arm area, you may need to consult a shoulder specialist.

Shoulder bursitis is one of the most common conditions we treat. A variety of treatments are available for minor injuries, including minimally invasive shoulder arthroscopy, and shoulder replacement surgery may be needed for more serious injuries or osteoarthritis.

Shoulder Conditions:


Most conditions that cause elbow pain can be managed without surgery; however, there are some conditions that may need surgical treatment if you are experiencing severe elbow pain resulting from an injury.

Elbow Conditions:

You will also find more information about shoulder and elbow conditions in our patient education center.

Meet Our Shoulder & Elbow Experts

Michael Feiertag, MD
David Klein, MD
Daryl Miller, MD
Michael J. Moustoukas, MD
Gary Shapiro, MD

We see athletes with shoulder and elbow injuries every day. As the largest and most comprehensive orthopedic practice in Sarasota, Kennedy-White Orthopaedic Center has everything you need for expert care with the most advanced medical technology available. Call (941) 365-0655 or request an appointment online today!