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Joint Replacement

At Kennedy-White Orthopaedic Center, you will have access to the best joint replacement specialists in Sarasota County. Our orthopedic surgeons have performed thousands of joint replacement procedures and offer a level of expertise, skill, and compassion you won’t find anywhere else. We welcome patients from all over the globe.

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Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement gives new life to people with debilitating hip pain from arthritis. An artificial joint can return you to an active life. Improved minimally invasive techniques can get patients back to their normal activities faster than ever. Our surgeons are also the local experts in the revision of an old joint replacement, or helping patients with a joint replacement that is painful or not working properly.

Knee Replacement

Knee replacement relieves pain and improves mobility for almost all of our patients. Improved techniques and even gender-specific implants can shorten recovery times and improve your outcome. Our doctors would be happy to explain their new techniques and the type of implants that are now available to get you walking pain-free and enjoying activities again like golf and tennis.

Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder replacement is less common than hip and knee replacement, but can also be very successful at relieving your pain. If you have severe arthritis in your shoulder, and you live in daily pain caused by even the simplest of daily activities, you owe it to yourself to make an appointment with one of our surgeons to talk about shoulder replacement. Our doctors would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Note: It is recommended that patients with prosthetic joint replacements take prophylactic antibiotics prior to dental procedures or other invasive procedures that may cause bacteria to enter the bloodstream. It is recommended that this be followed as a lifetime precaution after joint replacement surgery.

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Need relief from arthritis pain? Want to know if you are a candidate for joint replacement? Give us a call to schedule a consultation with any of our expert surgeons today. Dial (941) 365-0655 or request an appointment online now at Kennedy-White Orthopaedic Center.

Meet Our Joint Replacement Surgeons

Sean Dingle, MD (Hip and Knee Replacements)
William Kennedy, MD (Hip and Knee Consultations)
David Klein, MD (Shoulder Replacement)
Charles Rush, MD (Hip and Knee Replacements)
Gary Shapiro, MD (Hip, Knee and Shoulder Replacements)
Edward Stolarski, MD (Hip and Knee Replacements)
Ronald White, MD (Hip and Knee Replacements)