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Knee & Hip

When your hip or knee is damaged, it hurts to bend, squat, or walk. Sometimes just standing still or sleeping can be painful. The orthopedic doctors at Kennedy-White Orthopaedic Center are capable of diagnosing and treating joint pain in the knee or hip quickly, including arthroscopy, joint replacement, and meniscus reconstruction.


Injury, overuse, aging, and degenerative disorders, such as arthritis, can impact healthy knees, making it impossible to move without some level of joint pain. If you have swelling, instability, catching or locking, limited range of motion, or a sharp, continual pain in your knee joint, you should see an orthopedic doctor who specializes in the knee.

Knee Conditions and Treatments:

Our doctors have prepared the following handouts for additional reference:


After a careful examination and evaluation by your doctor, he or she may determine that you are a candidate for total hip replacement for severe hip conditions. Hip replacement is a common surgery and each year thousands of people have successful hip replacement surgery.

Hip Conditions and Treatments:

Also, please visit our patient education center to find more knee and hip conditions.

Meet Our Knee & Hip Doctors

Sean Dingle, MD (Joint Replacement and Arthroscopy - Hip & Knee)
William Kennedy, MD (Adult Reconstructive Joint Surgery - Knee)
Daryl Miller, MD (Sports Medicine, Joint Replacement, and Arthroscopy - Knee)
Charles Rush, MD (Sports Medicine, Joint Replacement, and Arthroscopy - Knee)
Gary Shapiro, MD (Sports Medicine and Joint Replacement - Knee)
Edward Stolarski, MD (Adult Reconstructive Joint Surgery - Hip & Knee)
Ronald White, MD (Joint Replacement - Hip & Knee; Arthroscopy - Knee)

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